187 victims salvaged in Nigerian Military Rescue Mission

The Nigerian Police has confirmed nearly 200 people rescued from the dens of The Northwest kidnap groups locally called bandits.

This was much confirmed on Thursday , October 7 following a rescue mission by the Nigerian Security agents

The victims of the bandits kidnap included men, women and children reportedly freed in Zamfara state by Nigerian military agents

According to the Police accounts, the bandits abducted the victims in separate attacks within the state.

Relatedly, the Police circulated pictorial and video contents to the media of the victims.

The videos included the victims shown in torn clothes; waiting to go back home

Activities of these armed criminal have recurrently reported in the  northwest and central regions of Nigeria.  

These criminal gangs also locally known as bandits operate by raiding, looting and abducting villagers for ransom.

In a statement by Zamfara state police spokesman; the Nigerian Military rescued the victims during an extensive search and rescue operation in the north.

Plainly, The rescue mission was part of a weeks-long military operation in Zamfara and other northwestern states.

 Through telecom blackouts within the region, they were able to disrupt bandit communications.

Mohammed said the gunmen took advantage of a blockade of telecommunications access that has been imposed by authorities to stem the exchange of information between gunmen and local residents acting as informants.

The gangs, who maintain camps hidden in forests notably attack schools around Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Kaduna states.

Sadly, these mass kidnaps involve the abduction of hundreds of school children within the state . The criminals demand large ransom for the victims.

However, many families that do not afford are still held back


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