5 signs your spouse isn’t loyal to you even though they don’t cheat

Being loyal to someone on all fronts is like treading on thin ice. It’s a trait that only some people have.

There are many moments when the urge to cheat beats a loving and committed relationship.

From time to time, you might question your relationship if your partner shows signs of being unfaithful even if they haven’t practically cheated.

And so, we bring to you some clear signs your spouse isn’t loyal to you even though they haven’t cheated.

  • Undermine you

If your spouse has no respect for you, then they aren’t very loyal. There should be mutual respect between partners in regards to opinions, views, growth and preferences. However, if your spouse constantly undermines your potential and capabilities.

  • Short-term commitments

Your spouse will internally refuse to talk or think about your future together. They aren’t serious about their commitment to you and hence, will look for ways to avoid such a conversation at all. They view relationships as temporary and it’s a sign that they aren’t loyal about that aspect.

  • Ungrateful thoughts about relationships

They are always grim about catering to relationship issues because they tend to treat it like a chore, and not their happiness. They hate having to put any effort into the relationships and live by the rule that relationships are unrealistically effortless.

  • A lot of casual flirting

Even though your spouse doesn’t directly cheat on you with others, they do engage in some harmless flirting here and there. If your spouse is throwing hints of flirting at others, it’s a sign that they might be looking for chances to get on with somebody, and that is disloyalty.

  • Take the marriage for granted

Your spouse may take off their wedding ring or appear to be single in certain circumstances ‘just for fun.’ However,

given their want to appear single in front of others, clearly means they are looking to cheat or flirt with somebody.

Even if they haven’t physically cheated, telling someone you’re not their partner is absolutely wrong.

By Victoria E.I

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