5 things you should not be scared to do for your partner

A relationship coming to an end is one of the most predictable things ever. Everyone goes into relationships with a fear in some corner of their mind, based on the possibility of the relationship going south.

And it looks like this is truer these days, where intent can never be ascertained, regardless of what people say, and where the most apparently great partners could just be putting up a show, only to reveal the scum dimension of their personality, somewhere down the line.

What this breeds is a fear and reluctance to go the distance with people. Even when the heart desires to love in an unfettered, unrestricted way, these worries nag at the back of your mind, making you love half-heartedly and cautiously.

While this cannot be knocked due to the realities of dating these days, we still need to mention that eventually, you will have to let go of these fears and bring the walls down. The risks are there, yes, but so are the possibilities.

When you get into a relationship and you intend to make something great out of it for the long haul, here are five things you should not be scared to for that man or woman

1. Trust

Eventually you will just have to build this. It may take a while and you may have to place one block on the other till the trust becomes a huge, unbreakable wall but by all means, get there.Love hard or go home. [Credit: Videoblocks]Love hard or go home. [Credit: Videoblocks]

2. Love

Yes, we all say love is not enough to build a relationship that stands the test of time. But that does not mean it has to be absent. Don’t be scared to love and love hard.

Que sera sera. Eventuarry.

3. Share

What’s love without sharing? Yes, some people take and take and never give and then the rule changes when it gets to that stage.

But prior to finding out about that; don’t be scared to share your things. Be the partner who gives time, gives gifts and other things. It does not always end in tears. With a partner who also understands the importance of this concept, it definitely will not end in tears.

And if it does, it’ll be for another reason. Even at that, you can hold your head up for having loved the right way

4. Go all out

No half-hearted efforts. You either go hard or go home.

To be honest dating is not compulsory and until you find someone deserving of this level of effort, maybe you should not just bother.

5. Loyalty

So if everyone decides to be loyal and faithful and not cheat on their partner, maybe cheating’s hatchet will finally be buried. Right?

By Victoria E.I

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