7 signs that you should not get married to your partner

We may notice but ignore the warning signs but here’s 7 reasons why you should not go ahead and get married to your partner.

A lot of people are stuck in relationships that they know in their heart arent the right ones for them.

These relationships can go on for years and eventually lead to marriage.

If you’re telling yourself that everything will be different once you’re married, that they will finally make you a priority over their friends, treat you better, stop cheating on you, support an encourage your career or be even able to get themselves together and hold down a job, you have to ask yourself whether or not you can be with your partner exactly as they are for the rest of your life.

The reality is many people do not change and we kid ourselves into thinking they will which only leads to our own unhappiness. A wedding isn’t a magic wand that makes people grow up, it’s just a ceremony, people only change when they want to.

When everyone else around you is pairing off and having children, it can be easy to build your sweetheart up into The One in your mind just so you don’t get left behind. However, being married to someone who does not set your heart on fire can be incredibly lonely and sad, far worse than being on your own.

There’s a lot to be said for trusting your basic instincts. If you have doubts or fears, try as hard as you like to bury them but they will resurface and often than not, they prove to be right. Be completely honest with yourself and if there are ANY doubts, make sure you address them with yourself or your partner before going ahead. If your gut is telling you this person isn’t your person, you should listen.

Growing and changing is a natural part of life, but sometimes those changes feel forced and wrong. You should not have to pretend to be someone you’re not to keep your partner happy or play down parts of your personality to please them. Similarly, if you find that you don’t like how you behave when you’re with him then it may be a serious warning sign you need to take notice of.

Your other half should absolutely inspire you and make you a better person. However, if you feel like you’re constantly lacking; like you’re not smart enough, attractive enough, or rich enough, you will eventually grow resentful and unhappy.

If one of you is compelled to read the other’s texts, check social media accounts or constantly check up on them during a night out, you need to get to the root of why there’s so much snooping. Whatever, the reason, it spells trouble and you need to get to the root of it before even thinking of taking your relationship to the next level.

Sometimes disapproval can be generational, or rooted in shallow judgements that you know to be unfair. However, if

your friends and family all disapprove of your partner, it’s worth hearing them out and taking their objections seriously.

They might so something you missed because you were love-blind.

By Victoria E.I

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