A Call for Impeachment Over the Many Sins of Sheriff Oborevwori, Speaker Delta State House of Assembly

The Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Sheriff Oborevwori, ruthlessly stole and spending N1.6bn of Delta state money on vehicles purchased at exorbitant prices. The disclosure of this was by an NGO.

So, an Abuja-based anti-corruption organization, Initiative For Advancement and Accountable Integrity in

Governance accused the Speaker, Oborevwori of gross corruption and looting money meant for lawmakers.

The money he has saves to Challenge Governor Okowa with his Governorship ambition.

However, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission affirm that in December 7, 2020, 36 vehicles were bought in June 2019

for the House members at inflated costs and he converted those vehicles for private use as properties to

pursue his Governorship ambition.

More on Mr. Sheriff Oborevwori and his many Sins

Mr. Oborevwori also diverted money allocated for the welfare of members of the house to his private bank account,

upon invitation by the EFCC, he bribed his way out from top-ranking officers of the agency to discredit

the authorization of the invitation.

Oborevwori also used Delta state money to bribed the anti-graft agencies to give him a semi soft landing,

Delta state money was lavished, waisted in billions by the common criminal who is a speaker of Delta state

house of Assembly.

The NGO also published evidence that Oborevwori is grossly guilty of tax evasion, “the sum of N77,201,250

calculated at five percent of the total vehicle purchase sum was claimed as VAT when in fact, no such amount was paid.”

The record shows that Oberewori is a thief, criminal and uneducated fellow who plotted Governor Okowa’s downfall but failed woefully.

Finally, There is a hanging Petition against Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori (Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly) and also

Mrs. Iyna Aliya Ocholor (Clerk, Delta State House of Assembly) over fraud, abuse of office, and wanton looting

of the legislative treasury.’

By Taiyelolu A

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