African gods: 3 myths about the god Obatala

Obatala the son of the supreme god, Olorun bears a special place in the Yoruba mythology. Obatala literally means ‘white undyed fabric’. He gave the breath of life that created all humans.

Here are 3 myths about Obatala,

This is one of the most beautiful imagery to depict a god. He has no colour and also dwells in an ‘inexplicable white light’.

He associates with purity, purpose, and compassion.

His worshippers drapes head and toe in white. They also offer mostly white sacrifices without any ingredients to him.

Sacrifices like coconut milk, white pumpkin, white birds and so on. Silver and Ivory are also the colours of his charms.

Olorun sent Obatala to create the earth and human beings. And also made humans from clay.

Obatala is the father of all other gods and Orishas in Yoruba mythology and Yemoja is his wife.

African gods: 3 myths about the god Obatala

Obatala was the first king of the first Yoruba city, Ile-Ife

At some point, while creating he became drunk and created humans with deformities. Though he cannot fix the

deformity, he has compassion on them.

Oduduwa is also a son of Olorun, a rival of Obatala. While Obatala was drunk, Oduduwa usurped the authority to rule

from him. Helater became the king and also the ancestor of the Yoruba people.

Obatala a powerful god lost his relevance to alcohol and the wine.

Nevertheless, people still worship him today.

By Victoria E.I

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