4 Simple Love Gestures That Drive Men Crazy

There are different theories about how love should be expressed and to an extent many of these theories are valid.
Although there is a common belief that women need all the love and care in a relationship, men need the same too. Many men are just as emotional as women, even though they mask it all under the masculinity frame.

Men are also moved by love gestures because they are human with beating hearts capable of loving.

Here are 4 simple love gestures that can make his heart flutter;

Kiss on the forehead

Kissing is one of the foremost intimate gestures that have a high level of turn-on effect on anyone when it transpires between two love partners. The skin-to-skin touch can be extremely enjoyable for many.

Although lip kissing has a strong sexual and intimate effect, kisses on the forehead give that too.
However, forehead kisses are more intimate than sex. It drives the narrative of “I care, I am here for you, and I see beyond your lips and body.”

Based on the study of love languages, the forehead kiss is a show of affection and adoration and dates back to the Arabic culture. In Arabic culture, kissing on the forehead is a sign of apology. It is a solemn way of showing affection, and in affection, there is warmth.

Planting a forehead kiss on your man can invoke that warmth of affection, and this could be a shocking and sweet experience for him. Men are usually not expectant of such love gestures, so this could be a perfect little gesture to get him to feel all loved up.

Random love notes

Writing how you feel towards a loved one and showing it to that special person is another intimate way of expressing love. When what we feel cannot be verbally spoken, writing them can make expressing love easier.
The act of gifting your man love notes that expresses how you feel about him can leave him grinning from ear to ear. Especially when it is done at random. This would make it have an outstanding effect on him.
In contemporary African society, saying words like “I love you” to your loved one daily isn’t common. So, when you get to have that penned down for you, it invokes a wonderful feeling, and men are no exception.

More love gestures that can make his heart flutter

Making eye contact

The eyes may seem insignificant, but when you unlock their prowess, there is no stopping the effect it will have on your partner. Many women tend to be shy when it comes to intimacy, but when there is eye contact, it can establish a powerful sensation. That is daring and wild for men, one that drives them to want more. According to researchers, eye contact is so intense that it can trigger feelings of love and passion.
When a person looks comfortably into the eyes of another, it communicates a lot about their desire. The eyes can speak a thousand words without blinking, which is why many find it appealing, including men.

Random gifting

Gifting is one of the commonly known love languages, and this is utilized to a reasonably large extent. Generally, women tend to be on the receiving end in a relationship.

From planning a romantic trip to paying for the booking and also paying for shopping, clothes, bags, and human hair.
Although this may seem habitual in this contemporary society, it should beneficial to both parties. Men like gifts as much as women do. When you randomly give your man, the little things that he loves to have, it is heartwarming. Again, men are not expectant of love gestures like this so when they receive gifts from their significant partner it leaves them in awe.

In essence, all love languages and expressing them applies to men too. Every man has a boy inside of him that craves to be constantly loved. That hard guy still wants to be pampered, too.

By Taiyelolu A

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