Coconut fruit showing the benefits of coconut

Apart from the mystery of the water in coconut which still leaves mankind in awe about the awesomeness of nature, its health benefit cannot also be quantified. Assuredly, the benefits of coconut to humans are many and this post will examine some of them.

Aside Coconut, imagine how many more astounding fact you are yet to discover amongst other fruits in the world around you. There are innumerable amazing benefits that coconut and its extract can do for you.

However, here are a few amazing health benefits to enjoy from coconut and it extracts, it will blow your mind.

Help Fights Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a scary degenerative brain condition and no one wants to suffer dementia or lose access to their memories. Scientists discovered that the ketones in coconut oil can boost the ability to uptake glucose; therefore, improves the brain functions. Ingesting coconut oil can help Alzheimer’s symptoms. According to reports, improvement occurs within two weeks of taking one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil. This dosage requires two times a day.

Mouth Wash/Teeth Whitener…

Additionally, one’s dental health can have a serious effect on the rest of the body. Coconut oil has been proven to be useful in fighting gingivitis and other bad breath inducing micro-organisms. Coconut oil when mixed with baking soda effectively work in making one’s enamel shine without the added chemicals in teeth whiteners.

Natural Lip Balm

Furthermore, coconut oil softens skin. Simply apply a drop and rub into your chapped and cracked lips and in no time, you’ll be gifted with subtle lips.

Serves as Exfoliating Scrub

Also, one of the benefits of coconut is its ability to correct skin defects. Specifically, the design of scrubs is to clean out pores, get rid of old skin cells and hydrate the skin. Creating a coconut-based exfoliating scrub is essential for one’s skin repertoire. All you have to do is mix the coconut oil with either salt or sugar, and then add any essential oil that strikes your fancy. You will love the way your skin feels afterwards.

Lessens Stretch Marks

The worst enemy of every woman is a stretch mark because it makes them feel less than beautiful. Moisturize and restore your skin using coconut oil to reduce the presence of those heinous marks. It’s also great for pregnant women too.

Serves as Natural Shaving Cream

Using just a drop of coconut oil, you can get the best shave of your life as it will not lather up or get all foamy like every other shaving cream. It will rather leave your skin silky smooth, making you wonder why you never tried it before now.

Promotes Weight Loss

Research has shown that ingesting 15-30 grams of Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs, 1-2 tablespoon of coconut oil) each day, you can burn an extra 120 calories. Ingested MCTs are digested and utilized by your liver as energy, that increase in energy help expend calories thereby making you lose weight.

Soothe Chronic Skin Disorder

The fatty acids found in coconut oil have shown to have a strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties which enable it fight infection and smoothens the appearance of an affected skin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that chronic skin disorder such acne, eczema, and psoriasis can be soothed with coconut oil.

Prevent Diabetes

MCTs are key to preventing diabetes. They enable the body to better tolerate glucose while simultaneously inhibiting the body fat that tries to accumulate. People suffering from Type 2 Diabetes are shown to have improved insulin sensitivity when taking coconut oil as part of their regular diet.

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