APC Volunteer Group appoints a New National Coordinator.

The APC Volunteer Group appoints a new National Coordinator, Mr. Victor Walsh Oluwafemi who promised to establish cohesion and unity of purpose amongst party faithful.

The new National Coordinator, Mr. Walsh was the Deputy National Coordinator until the demise of the former National Coordinator, Malam Abdulmalik Shuaibu. Mr. Walsh, while taking the oath of office, said his mission is to ensure that the party remained united. He, however, advised those attempting to scatter the party to stay clear.

Stressing on the fact that he will resist any attempt to polarise the APC. “To those who will scatter our party, those who will just plot at night and say they have dismantled the party executive, it will not fly,” he said.

He added that those who sought to destroy the party were elements from the opposition and must not

be allowed adding that their activities would be curtailed by genuine members.

The New APC National Coordinator Volunteer Group Said;

The volunteer group would work and deliver victory for the party in upcoming elections in 2023, adding that the group would ensure party cohesion ahead of general elections in 2023.

“Let me tell you, we are in this to offer leadership and nothing else, if we are not going to make any difference,

then it is not worth it for me neither it is worth my time.”

” Leadership is more about responsibility, it is not about position or ambition when people take responsibility

they lead, and when they give their very best they achieve greatness,” he added.

Mr. Walsh noted that if the volunteer group decided to take responsibility and apply creativity, it would surpass all expectations within and outside the party itself.

He said that his appointment as the new coordinator was a privilege to serve in a political capacity, stressing that It was an honor while promising to do things differently. Also, he solicited the support of members, stating that if the group is united it would achieve far beyond its imagination.

He also stated that the volunteer group under his leadership would add value in all its chapters and see how it

could help the government to add value, stressing that his leadership style would be intentional and dramatic.

” We are going to have a presentation with the President, Vice President, the chairman of the Governors Forum, the National Assembly on the way forward,” he said.

By Taiyelolu A

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