Former Kaduna lawmaker, Shehu Sani and other Nigerians have expressed disappointment over the abduction of female students of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Jangebe in Talata-Mafara Local Government area of Zamfara State.

Zamfara Commissioner of Security and Home Affairs, Alhaji Abubakar Dauran comfirmed the abduction in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gusau on Friday.

He said the abductors in their hundreds invaded the town and took away the students at about 2 a.m.

He, however, could not confirm the number of students abducted.

The news of the latest abduction is coming less than two weeks after bandits abducted students and teachers of Government Science College, Kagara, Niger State.

Although President Muhammadu Buhari ordered security agencies to ensure their immediate release, the victims are still being held captive.

Their abduction has generated reactions from Nigerians who slammed the federal government over the level of insecurity in the country.

Shehu Sani, reacting, called out those who were in support of bandits and seeking sympathy for them.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Those who are spraying fragrances on the feaces of these bandits can now see the futility of their action.”

Here are some reactions gathered by DAILYPOST from Twitter:

@Musajida “The level of insecurity, has never been worse like this in the history of this country. This are the few prices a country pays, when it continues to choose ethnicity and rotation over capacity.”

@Donchukskelvin “This is pure consequence of rewarding crime, instead of putting stop to it, someone will go ahead to pay kidnappers to release their victims. Why can’t they be inspired to do more. Let see were this country is going to.”

@Segebobo “This will continue as long as we continue to dialogue with bandits rather than the use of force to flush them out.Gumi, the negotiator of the universe should be called upon to do his thing.Insecurity has never been this bad in Nigeria.Buhari and APC should wake up now!

@Onismate “Bandits or kidnappers kidnapping school children in the North has become a business venture.Sad.”

@DejiAdesogan “Some hypocrites attacked me for saying Northern Govs should immediately discontinue Boarding schools in the North & revert to Day schooling alone. Another 300 school girls of a boarding kidnapped, can’t we learn from past experience and adopt immediate measures.”

@Merryville “With the way it’s going, a major part of out national budget will be spent on paying bandits and afterwards FG will need to borrow from China to keep paying bandits. I don’t know what we did to offend God that He decided to afflict us with this plague called APC.”

@Negromaniacs “By the time the NigerDeltan militants start blowing up pipelines with the economy nosediving and revenue battered, the government will realize that paying terrorists millions to obtain small wins is never a way to go.”

@Kenbouy “They have an agenda, eradicating western education in the North.”

@Emperor_furbo “The kidnapping of students in the North is approaching its apex! I urge both the State and Federal Government to apply drastic measures to clamp down on the activities of these bandits. For now, I recommend that schools in the North should stick to stiffer security protocols.”

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