Around the world: Visit Senegal and bask in culture and history

This week on around the world, we would be going to Senegal and exploring this beautiful West African country.

Senegal is a country rich in historical and cultural heritage with amazing places to visit and an interesting culture to


Often times when we dream of travelling out of Nigeria, it is cities in America, countries in Europe or exotic islands we

dream of but, we have so much to explore and experience in our immediate surroundings.

Although the Senegalese people have their own indigenous languages, French is their lingua franca. So you might

want to have your duolingo app handy.

However, A round trip to Senegal (a plane ticket that covers the price to and fro) costs a little over N200,000.

As identified by UNESCO, Senegal has about seven cultural sites. Ile de Goree is one of them. You get to see where

slaves were kept. This peaceful and tranquil island once housed the horrors of slave trade.

Around the world: Visit Senegal and bask in culture and history

The Ile de Goree is a 28-hectare colonial building covered in bougainvillea flowers. The entire island is painted in pastel

colors with a waterfront and colorful boats.

Around the world: Visit Senegal and bask in culture and history

While in Senegal, you might also see the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. It is a wetland that houses about 1.5 million

migratory birds like the pink flamingo, great egret, African spoonbill and many others.

Around the world: Visit Senegal and bask in culture and history

Saint Louis is also a cultural heritage site and one of the most beautiful places in Senegal. It is an island built in the

middle of the Senegal River Estuary, it has so many beautiful colonial structures and UNESCO calls it a “subtle marriage

between land and water.”

At St Louis, you can visit museums and art galleries, wander around and take in the architecture, visit the parks, ride in

boats, or attend the Jazz festival in May.

Senegal also has a plethora of beaches and resorts.

One of the most famous resorts is La Petite Cote. La Petite Cote is an exotic chalet-like resort with a pool, beach, and a

waterside. It is a perfect holiday getaway.

Senegal also has one of the most colorful markets, with its stalls painted in bright and diverse colors.

If you recall, there is a popular outfit worn by Nigerian mothers called the Senegalese dress. These dresses were

colorful with different motifs and designs on them.

When in Senegal, stopover at their markets and buy a variety of things like fabrics, woven baskets, jewelry and so much


The Senegalese people are very hospitable and there is so much to experience in that country. I am certain they would

make your stay a memorable one if you choose to travel there.

NB: We can’t travel everywhere. But we can see the world through the eyes of others. This series explores the world and

the country (Nigeria) by having interviews with people who have travelled there, sharing in their experiences and learning

their lessons.

By Victoria E.I

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