At Least 15 Dead and 500 Injured after a series of powerful explosions hit a military camp in Equatorial Guinea

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema said.

The explosions happened as “an accident due to the negligence of the unit in charge of storing explosives, dynamite and ammunition”,

The president said in a statement read on state television in a very emotional and sad voice

At Least 15 Dead and 500 Injures and this is a very devastating incidence to the government and the people of Equatorial Guinea[0]=AT0DgM693nfR5hr3Auw4g5BmPSMhVWvtiIGNoSfVOqGNcU-os8z21gLFyaa20dWYs-LtirR-AB2JM0MN7VPUDIqcgVcAB7Jr4xGywVgXrv_yhN-BImkx-GhCnVhnPMyTRUhM4yF7N9C5kZWnKZupx-wsQchWJLVas2HRs4FA1KBQ3fXvgA

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