Attahiru Jega says Rotational presidency cannot solve Nigeria’s challenges

Former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega has said that

a rotational presidency cannot solve the country’s problems. 

However, In an interview on a TV program on Monday, August 16, the former INEC Chairman stated that what

the country needs is “the best person with competence, capacity, experience.”

Attahiru Jega said; 

“The way Nigeria is now, we need the best person with competence, capacity, experience to be the president

to get this country out of the challenges we have presently.

“That person can come from the north, south, east or the west, but the important thing is that even if political parties

decide that a candidate should come from a particular area, what we need to do is that Nigerians must interrogate

the capacity of that person to lead this country appropriately.

“This idea of rotational presidency cannot take us out of the challenges we have in this country, presently.

On August 6, Ibrahim Babangida, former head of state, had set an age limit on who he believes Nigeria’s next president should be. Babangida said he had noticed some “good Nigerian leaders” who are in their sixties.

However, Jega disagreed with the former military ruler on his submission, adding that “age may not matter” in determining who the country’s next president should be.

By Taiyelolu A

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