” I joined banditry five years ago when security men confiscated about 40 of my cattle which I inherited from my father.

” We bought guns from different places like you are buying bread…

I can not say the number of people we have killed since ammunition has no control…

We spend all our money buying weapons.

” The Kankara abduction was carried out by my gang, we took a vow to carry out the operation, we were ready to lose our lives to demonstrate that I had the capacity to do it.

” I didn’t collect money for the Kankara abduction, I only surrendered because God Almighty touched my heart…

We have no links with Boko Haram… There’s nothing you can buy in the city that I cannot get in the forest if I desire it.

I have decided to change for the sake of Allah, even if I were to be skinned or killed today, I won’t put up any resistance.

I wasn’t arrested, I brought myself here.

” We did not work with any foreign Fulani, what happened was by Indigenous Fulani…

We use the money we received as ransoms to purchase arms. “

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