House built on a truck surprises people, it has comfortable living room, beautiful toilet

Photos of a beautiful house built on a truck have received much appreciation on social media as people wondered

how it was constructed. While many said it would be lovely to drive around, others were able to spot that the

vehicle is immobile as its tyres are deflated. An Airbnb listing of the house shows that a night rent goes for $80

(N33,040) as more snaps of its interior are displayed.

A house constructed on a truck has stirred massive reactions on social media for how it is a testament to great

creativity. A Twitter handle, @AfricaFactsZone, that posted photos of the house said it is in Kenya. It should,

however, be noted that could not verify the location of the truck house at the time of writing this report.

Looking further, an AirBnB listing of the apartment says that the structure is near Nairobi and it costs $80 (N33,040)

to spend a night in it. The interior of the house looks so beautiful you would think it was built on the ground. The one-story building even has a nice staircase. Atop the building is a space that looks like a mini-helipad where people could relax. The room is also tiled to achieve a cool decor that blends well with the minimalist furnishings in the house.

The post has gathered thousands of likes with hundreds of comments from tweeps.

Below are some of the reactions:

@odera_igbo said: “So if you wan travel make you carry your house Dey go naa.”

@visionary_max said: “Wow. This is cool.”

@keep1249 said: “The truck doesn’t even move.”

@andyobala said: “Clearly it wasn’t necessary to build it on top of the lorry since it looks immobile.”

@MASHTEE said: “When I’m fed up I just pack and drive.”

By Cynthia N.

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