Beauty and Fashion Tips: Getting the right hairstyle for your face shape

The most important thing to know when selecting a hairstyle is your face shape. Although that hairstyle looks super bomb on those models, there is no saying it will look the same on you, and no, it is not just because her hairstylist is paid huge figures; it is because of the careful consideration taken into selecting the right hairstyle for her face shape.

The right hairstyle for your face shape is the one that shows off your best qualities without conflicting with your features.

This article is a guide to help you choose the right hairstyle for your face shape:

How To Know Your Face Shape

If you were asked to draw your face on a piece of paper, of course, you’re not going to draw a square or a heart, but contrary to popular opinion, face shapes go beyond oval and round faces. The conventional face shapes are oval, round, long, square, heart, and diamond.

To discover your face shape, tie your hair back in a ponytail and outline the edges of your face with an eye pencil or liner.

Alternatively, you could take a ruler and measure your hairline’s dimensions, cheekbones, jaw, and length of your face.

If you have determined what category you fall under, it is time to decipher what hairstyles are suitable for your face shape.

Best Hairstyle According to Your Face Shape | Hunar Fashion Styling Tips!

Oval face shape
An oval face shape is one with cheekbones slightly wider than your hairline and a slightly slimmer jaw than your hairline. The length from your hairline to your jaw is longer than the width of your face, measured from its widest points.

For this face shape, hairstyles like a sleek back, low ponytail, blunt cut bob, and soft bangs do well to accentuate your cheekbones, making your face look more chiselled. Oval-shaped faces have the most versatility, and hardly anything can go wrong with this face shape. However, heavy bangs may conflict with this face structure.

Round face shape
If you have a round face, it means that your hairline, cheekbones, jaw, and face length share a roughness of the same dimension. The best hairstyles for you are the ones that elongate your face, giving the illusion that it is more oval than round. You can achieve this by going for a hairstyle with volume at the top, such as a pixie cut. You may also opt for a long, high ponytail. This gives your forehead and jaws the necessary attention.

More Face shape and Hairstyle tip

Long face shape
This face shape is similar to an oval, but the distance between your hairline and jaw is much greater than the width of your cheekbones.

For this face shape, it is important to avoid hairstyles with volume on top as they would make your face even longer. Options that accentuate your cheekbones, for example, loose curls, water waves, straight hair that curls from below your chin, or side partings, will make your face appear more oval than long.

Square face shape
This face shape has a strong, chiselled jaw. Your hairline, cheekbones, and jawline are of the same or approximate dimension as your face length. Hairstyles that flatter this face shape are deep centre partings, straight long hair, soft bangs, and loose curls. The aim is to hint at the cheekbones and draw attention to them. Avoid high ponytails and sleek hairstyles that emphasise the jaws.

Heart face shape
For this category, your cheekbones are slightly more pronounced than your hairline, and your jaw is somewhat pointy and narrow. Top it off with a widow’s peak, and you have yourself a heart-shaped face. Your go-to hairstyle is deep side parting, wavy, or curly hair. Avoid hairstyles that draw attention to your already prominent cheekbones, such as fringes and deep centre partings.

Diamond face shape
The requirement for this category is hairline and jawline of the same width, and cheekbones slightly more distinct. The length of your face and its width are similar. A short bob would look flattering on this face shape, as would a high ponytail and other sleek hairstyles. Avoid heavy bangs that make the face look smaller than necessary.

If you’re still unsure about what category you fall into, it is important to remember that many people are a blend between one or two face shapes. Knowing your face shape would help you choose the right hairstyle that would match your look.

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