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Brother don’t look for beauty in those restless faces plastered with ‘organic’ products

Their true frames lay bare and barren- the dryness of their dreams and purpose.

Do not fall for her smile, it was far spent before it was forced.

Do not take her virused saliva, for her kisses stop at the boundary of calculation and manipulation.

What is she kissing if not your crisp future which swells from your designer’s pocket?

Flee from those community thighs, like delilah, it would only make your life a Samson!

Sister, don’t be too quick to wet for that vain Venza. Its source would dry your honey-pot before he inserts his poisonous pole. Is it that vanity that he built in three days that make you honey for him?

It has no salvational foundation, not like our Lord who gave up his ghost and rose on the third day.

Please look beyond those bulging pockets carrying people’s sweats,The curses they attract would only make your life drip with endless bitterness.

Please, Efe and Evi, look for love in the ordinary things of life:

The genuine smile and laughter that has no garment of manipulation

The natural attraction that shares no boundary with babalawo’s black powder.

The fearless love that is courageous enough to split the firewood of obstacles, crisis and wars.The gallant truth that shatters all walls of demonic dishonesty!

The stout selflessness that confronts the satanic fists of stinginess and greedThe creamed calmness that avoids the express-way of desperation.True love forgives, it nags less!

Before-You-say-I-Do By

Ubara Obaro: creative writer, MC, Comedian, media man and English teacher.

Published By Onome F.E

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