Charly Boy AKA Area fada has posted a video he describess as fashion ‘madness’ on his Instagram page.

The video shows model Soyneiva walking on the street wearing a jean with the butt section ripped off

As expected, Nigerians trolled to the comments, with opinionated comments about Charly’s question

“Naija babe nofit dress like dis even for this Lagos, i lie?”

some of the comments read:

“No matter how mad naija girls be, dem NEVER EVER go dress lije this. You know why? The street ( especially traders, bikers, road side sellers, conductors, agberos) WILL reset their brain back to factory warranty. Face dey fear Face oooo”

“IDI gba fresh breeze fashion 😂 make one mummy GO catch this one 😂😂”

“Don’t worry area father….it will soon catch on in naija…its just a matter of time. Social media has influenced your people positively and negatively…so don’t be surprised when you see fresh yansh shake in front of your bare eyes on the streets of Ojuelegba😂”

Replying this comment ,

one of the fans caught a little humour by putting it to the area father, Charly boy that she wore something similar to what he wears

Refering to her Jacket.

Could this be a case of pot calling kettle black?


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