mojisola Adeyeye


NAFDAC on Wednesday maintained that vaccinations against COVID-19 should continue in Nigeria despite fears over the side effects. 

Mojisola Adeyeye, Director-General of the agency who said this, believes that with the number of lives lost to the pandemic, halting the vaccination campaign in the country is not advisable.


“People are dying of COVID-19,” there are fears too numerous to mention but some of the fears we have heard are:

The Elites campaigning for the vaccine should lead by example by taking the shots transparently for the masses to see .

On our streets today, the fear of the effects of the vaccines outweighs the fear of being infected with the virus because of the information that those who have taken second shot have either been paralised or died from blood clothing

The opinion that their lives are just as important as that of the President. Hence, the Pfizer vaccine administered President Mohammadu Buhari should be made available to the masses instead of Austrazeneca Vaccines which is being imposed on them.

However NAFDAC boss said during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily. “The vaccines should not be stopped unless it is a statistically massive occurrence[side effects].”

Although many countries have halted the use of the AstraneZeneca vaccines like blood clotting, Professor Adeyeye still believes that the benefits of taking the jabs far outweigh such fear.

“Despite knowing the fears, she insists that the benefits outweigh the risk,” also, there is a need for more engagement to know people’s reactions to drugs.

She maintains the AstraZeneca vaccine is not as deadly as people claim it to be as other COVID-19 vaccines have also had adverse effects on people .

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