Crises: Two protesters killed in Myanmar, shops and factories closed

Two protesters were killed in Myanmar by gunshot wounds to the head on Monday,

because of this; shops, factories and banks were closed in the

the main city Yangon as part of the uprising against the country’s military rulers.

Photos posted on Facebook showed the bodies of two men lying on the street in the northern town of Myitkyina.

hence, a witness said he helped move the bodies as two people were shot in the head died on the spot while three were injured

“How inhumane to kill unarmed civilians,” said the witness, a 20-year-old man. “We must have our right to protest peacefully.”

It was not immediately clear who fired on the protesters

and strikes against the Feb. 1 coup,

an ethnic armed group engaged in a long-running war with the military.

Crises: Two protesters killed in Myanmar, shops and factories closed

State media said security forces were keeping a presence at hospitals and universities as part of efforts to enforce the law.

nine unions covering sectors including;

construction, agriculture and manufacturing have called on “all Myanmar people” to stop work

to reverse the coup and restore Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

Allowing business and economic activity to continue would help the military “as they repress the energy of the Myanmar people”,

the unions said in a statement.

“The time to take action in defence of our democracy is now.”


Only a few small tea-shops were open in Yangon, witnesses said. Major shopping centres were closed and there was no work going on at factories.

Protest leader Maung Saungkha on Facebook urged women to come out strongly against the coup

In a statement on Monday, the military said it had arrested 41 people the previous day.

An official and local campaign manager from Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) Khin Maung Latt died in police custody on Sunday.

A spokesman for the military did not answer calls seeking comment.

The army has said it is dealing with protests lawfully.


An announcement by the military carried on the front page of the State-run Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper

on Monday threatened unspecified “action” against anyone who directly or indirectly works for a committee of ousted lawmakers that has declared itself the country’s legitimate authority.

The announcement said the committee was illegal and had committed “high treason”.

A separate report said the military and police were “maintaining” hospitals and universities.

The United States and some other Western countries have imposed limited sanctions on the junta

and Australia on Sunday cut defence ties, saying it would only deal with non-government groups in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s giant neighbour China said on Sunday

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