A cross-section of Nigerians has reacted to a recent statement by Media Mogul, Dele Momodu advising viewers of Big Brother Naija, BBNaija 2020 against promoting ‘poverty mentality’.

Momodu had on Friday said BBNaija is about entertainment and branding opportunities for housemates and that viewers should not vote for the winner based on the poorest housemate.

According to him, viewers should enjoy the game and vote for Kiddwaya because he is a perfect gentleman.

His tweet read: “This show is not just about money, it is about ENTERTAINMENT and BRANDING opportunities for the housemates. Please, let’s stop promoting the POVERTY mentality.

“Winning won’t make you the richest HOUSEMATE! Let’s play and enjoy the game by voting for the perfect gentleman who rocks, Kiddwaya!

His post did not go down well with some viewers who insinuated that he was berating housemates from a poor background.

They wondered why Momodu expect them to vote for a billionaire son that is privileged, rather than housemates gifted with talent.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Badmusib “Now you want me to vote for Kiddwaya, who comes from a billionaire family, I should abandon Laycon who is a hustler like me? Nah! If you’re being asked to vote for knowledge, will you choose Kiddwaya? Laycon getting that money has more impact on him than Kiddwaya getting it.”

@Airfem234 “ Voting other housemates other than Kiddwaya is in no way promoting poverty mentally. I vote the housemate I connected to from day one and that’s Laycon.”

@Daram100 “ Oga Dele? I thought you always wanted to be Nigeria president now, but this your assessment of the housemates shows the real reason why you’ve not been able to attain that position…. ‘I’m sorry’ there is what they call people’s choice sir.”

@Bilkisuroden “ I will vote for laycon with my last money, it’s my money I vote for who entertains me, stop all the perfect gentleman mentality, it won’t work. your candidate gives only romance and sex, and that’s not entertaining to most of us.”

@Dara_Debbie “ Kiddwaya is not lacking and has never lacked, let’s give room to those who are struggling to make it in life, without a rich background and connection. Again let’s give this to raw talent. Laycon!

@Pere_ernest “ You mean voting for other housemates is promoting poverty mentality. Despite the fact that you are wealthy sir, you can vote for your fav without throwing insult to others thank you for your understanding.”

@RyanB “ Nobody should come here and say that we hate Kiddwaya, He is actually loveable, his fans will vote for him but in doing so other housemates shouldn’t be downgraded to just “Poverty mentality”, there’s more from them, their amazing individuals, who deserve all the support their getting.”

@Otunbaodibbo “ Wrong narratives from you Sir. If you want to campaign for your billionaire friend campaign and stop saying poverty stuff about any housemate. Laycon and other housemates are naturally loved no amount of lobby will change people’s choice. Kiddwaya even said he didn’t come for the money but for fun.”

@Imfaoz “ Yes, it would be poverty mentality’ when people like you praise – sing the looters and downgrade the genuine hustlers who are still hoping for a breakthrough. You deleted a tweet only to come up with another bad one. On this one, disappointment is an understatement.”

@Odesolachase “ Yeah, the show is not about promoting poverty mentality but about promoting a flirtatious guy. Bros just say his father is your friend.”

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