We like to inform the general public of the appointment of Dr. Babatunde Akinsanya as the Executive Secretary of the Ethics & Compliance Officers Association (ECOA), with immediate effect.

The Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) is a membership association and research institution that empowers organizations to build and sustain the programs that are proven to increase integrity in organizations. The association is also for individuals who are responsible for their company’s ethics, compliance, and business conduct programs. Dedicated to building trust and corporate integrity in Africa, we help leaders create strong ethical workplace cultures and successful businesses that do the right thing.

The ECOA is working to be the leading group of corporate ethics and compliance practitioners in the continent. By bringing together professionals from diverse background and those who

are new to the field with those with years of experience to share, the ECOA facilitates peer-to-peer learning and helps to foster a commitment to ethics and integrity.

Victor Walsh Oluwafemi


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