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‘Dude is so obsessed with Tonto Dikeh’ Toni Payne slams Churchill for naming his second son “KING” same as his first

Several reactions have continued to trail the arrival of Rosy Meurer’s new baby with Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband Olakunle Churchhill, especially after the child was named ‘King’ like the first son.

Also reacting, popular photographer Toni Payne has slammed Olakunle Churchill, saying his action is proof that he is so obsessed with Tonto Dikeh.

Toni Payne who questioned Olakunle for his decision, averred he is already laying a foundation to pit two innocent souls against each other.

Taking a swipe at Rosy Meurer, Toni Payne said because women are their own enemies is the reason the actress allowed Olakunle Churchill to name his second son as Tonto Dikeh’s son
She wrote: I’ve always said no reasonable woman would purposely keep a child away from the father or go as far as changing the last name without good reason. There is always more to the story.

The keyword here is reasonable… That a man has two kids and he would give both sons the same shows how vindictive he is… there are millions of names to choose from so what purpose does it serve.

To spite the ex? Or validate the first child? I see it as a man already laying the foundation to pit two innocent souls against each other… so disgusting! so so so disgusting. Truly, it’s who wears the shoe that knows where it pinches. When a woman takes such a drastic decision, sometimes e get why.

Women are their Worse Enemies

And because women are their worst enemies, a woman will sit there and allow her innocent child to be dragged into a mess and given same name as the man’s ex’s child… to prove say she dey there? or that her own child cancels the previous? To what aim exactly? such a joker. Disgusting ones at that. Dude is so obssed with his ex, he had to name his child
after his exes child.

It just sounds so wild to me. There is nothing i hate more than people who use children as a tool to be vindictive. FFS! see ehn… I always say watch how a man treats his exes cos at some point he was all loved up with her and what he is doing to her can easily do to you too… And that on Period! What’s your name? Peter What’s your brothers name Peter
E be things mehnn Nawa!

Toni Payne Slams Churchill

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