Face card: Reasons why you always have an angry face.

On scoring some face card, are you someone who loves people and things and just wants to express it but your face seems to have other plans?

And in the end, what you intended to be for good is misunderstood by other people all because of your

facial expression. Or are you someone who is always angry, and whether or not you want to remain angry,

you do not want your face to reveal so? Do you want to know why your face looks that way? Then this is for you.

So let’s see the reasons you have an angry face.

You get angry at all times: It is not magic, neither is it a mystery, just as the Bible says, ‘As a man thinks, so is he’ that means that if you think angry thoughts all the time, your whole being becomes angry, how much more your poor face. One way to know that you are always angry is by taking a survey of yourself and discovering how many times

you laugh in a day. Do everything and everyone irritate you? Is tickling you anything but funny? Do you like talking and

interacting but choose not to because you are avoiding the scenario of anger since it is the closest emotion to you,

or do honest compliments annoy you? Think about these questions, and if it is true, then do not think you can fool anyone. Your angry face is seen staring and it is frightening.

You are not easily pleased: Do you always assume everything people say and do to be inferior and minimal to your satisfaction? Even though you had no business in creating people, yet simply because you are superior,

you intentionally burden people with the vile rule of pleasing you. Here is your thing; your egocentrism and, most importantly, your angry face makes you unappealing to people.

More reasons for the angry face

You want to wade people off: You know that voice in your head, the one that said ‘sneak away into the crowd’?

This is where it comes from, from your intentions of not getting approached, because you are an introvert or a shy girl,

but you must also know that your face reflects that unease as anger and it does not suit your beautiful face.

You believe you were created like that: Our experiences, some of which we do not remember, have given us so much to believe. From our childhood pains, come young men and women with sad thoughts. Hurt was here before us and we have experienced it but it must not define us. Also, before you believe you were created that way,

why don’t you try smiling and let the whole world smile too.

 You choose to: Why I may never know your reasons for wanting to always appear angry. I would do my best to persuade you otherwise and I hope it works. The ears cannot be trusted, lips tell lies, and our nose is kind of funny,

but the eyes, how do you have those but cannot see what is good for you? Whatever the case may be, just know that most people find it hard to approach you, and I may not understand the idea of the degree of “don’t care about people”, but we do care, so maybe you can cut us some slack and slowly smile now.

By Taiyelolu A

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