Little Nigerian girl displays tailoring skills as she operates machine like a pro in cute video, many hail her

Fascinating how a Little Nigerian Girl Displays Tailoring Skills as She Operates Machine Like a Pro in Cute Video, Many Hail Her

A little girl has warmed the hearts of many social media users after displaying tailoring skills in a video on LinkedIn. The

girl’s dad who is a fashion designer recorded her as she operated the machine and tried sewing pieces of cloths.

According to the man, the girl will always wake up before everyone and head to the machine to practice her sewing


A little girl has got social media talking by displaying tailoring skills in a heartwarming video her father posted on

LinkedIn. In the video, the girl could be seen trying to sew pieces of cloths with the machine as her dad recorded the


At a point, one piece of cloth got stuck under the needle and she expertly removed it without seeking the help of

anyone. She then threw the cloth on the floor and picked another one to perform her magic.

The dad wrote:

“She’s so passionate about tailoring every morning before anyone wakes up she will wake up quickly and run to the

machine. I just have to record this for future reference.”

It is not surprising that the little girl has taken interest in fashion designing as both of her parents are tailors.

The little tailor got some Reactions online:

Bakare Oluwasegun said: “Nice but dangerous, she must be monitored always considering the hazards associated with the task, the sharp needles and placement of hands.”

Bassey E. wrote: “I’m not surprised. Children do what their parents do, not what they say. Another fashion icon coming up. As I watched the video twice, I think she is learning safety protocol. Let her be a child too. Way to go, dad!”

Patrus D said: “Amazing and Smart . We all learned when we were young . I am sure there is a (sic) adult around supervising for safety sake.”

Engr ‘Dayo Oyeniran commented: “Please watch her closely because of needles, please. God bless her.”

By Cynthia N.

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