Governor Fayemi says "Corps members can be recruited to fight insecurity, those not willing to join the military services can serve in their community without pay"

Governor Fayemi said that there should be a recruitment of Corps members to fight insecurity in the country.

However, In his speech at Ibadan, Oyo state capital on Tuesday, October 11, the Governor said there is a minimum

need of 200,000 security personnel to “quickly bring the current wave of insecurity to a halt”.

Fayemi also said that corps members not willing to join the military services can serve in their community without pay. 

He said; 

“There are two things that we need to address quickly to bring the current wave of insecurity to a halt. 

“We need to have a conversation on how we can recruit a large number of people to join the police and the military,

even on a short service or otherwise.

“By available statistics, we need a minimum of 200,000 personnel to boost the fighting power of our men.

“This number is very large and a potential financial and logistic nightmare, yet we cannot delay any further.

“The ungoverned spaces need to be closed up quickly by motivated men with the singular objective to save the nation.

“That takes us to the number two issue of financing and arming large recruitment.

“With this, we can use the existing orientation camps to train willing and able graduates to reflate the security

personnel under a special arrangement that will be worked out.

He also said that the use of the current deployment of the NYSC fund with just some additional funding,

could get its source through a national emergency fund for the next five to 10 years.

“Those who cannot join the military services can serve in their community without pay if we must still retain

the NYSC for everyone.

“To incentivize those who may volunteer to serve, they will have a separate certificate and medal of honor

in addition to having priority for military, paramilitary and civil or public service recruitment after service.”

Fayemi also called on the political class “to fashion out a new way of communicating their politics beyond

the now obnoxious resort to ethnic jingoism, sectarian and divisive rhetoric”.

He stated that Nigeria needs patriots and not ethnic crisis entrepreneurs “who see everything from

the prism of ethnic and religious conspiracy”.

By Taiyelolu A

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