As a matter of respect, you should learn where to draw the line when conversing with other women.

Once in a relationship, partners are expected to exercise a greater level of control on what they say and of course, what they do.

Especially with members of the opposite sex, there is a limit to the permissible things you can say, and a cap to the

information you can divulge. This is because constant communication and deep talks enable bonds and that’s not what

you want to encourage or enable when you already have a relationship or marriage.

It is disrespectful to your partner when you let out some private things to other women. Not knowing the right manner

to relate with other people creates problems you should be avoiding at all costs, not creating.

So what are the things you really should keep yourself from saying once you are married [or in a relationship]?

Never do this, except you are talking to a relationship counsellor or marriage therapist. Even at that, this article here

advises that it is better to have tried communicating with your partner first before seeking other people’s opinions.

Your confidant, adviser, secret-holder has to be your wife or partner, especially on issues and matters that have to do

with your relationship.

If you need validation from anyone, it has to be your wife and no one else.

Let’s even pretend for one second that this does not sound totally wrong coming from you, a married man.

Let’s pretend you asked innocently and without any selfish/sexual intentions, what kind of message is this supposed to send to the woman being asked?

eight times out of 10, she’ll probably think you are hitting on her, except you’re related by blood.

This is to be avoided by all means, no matter how pure your intentions are.

Asking another woman this question once you are married or in a serious relationship should never cross your mind,

except your wife will be there or it’s compulsory for business purposes.

Remember it is better to avoid sticky situations that try to get out of them.

Your sexual history or problems are not to be discussed with another woman, except, of course, maybe she is your therapist or counsellor.

Even at that, it is logical to try to always try settle with your partner/wife before getting ANY other person involved!Hold that thought right there, bruh. That’s way too much information to be giving someone else except a counsellor or someone with whom the chances of a sexual connection is zero.

If you’re not at couple’s therapy or having this conversation with your wife, then you should not be having this conversation. Doing so could lead to finding what you did not bargain for.

Or maybe that’s exactly your intention from the onset.

By Victoria E.I

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