How to apply your foundation properly

If you apply your foundation properly, it would not look cakey.

Applying foundation in the right proportion helps makeup sit better on the face.

Foundation is liquid or powder applied to the face to give a more even look.

Have you ever met someone whose face looked like it was baking especially under the hot Nigerian sun?

The foundation ran down her face and it formed lines on her face as she sweated. It is never a pretty sight.

The first step to fantastic makeup is having good skin. Taking good care of your skin will have your makeup popping.

If you have textured skin or acne, that does not mean you should still pack on a lot of foundation.

Here is how to apply your foundation so it doesn’t run or look cakey.

Step 1 – The first step is to apply primer on your face. In this humid weather, primer is non-negotiable.

Step 2 – Do not apply a lot of foundation. Apply as little as possible, once you squirt out of the tube or spray on your palm, do not apply again, no matter how tempting. The less the better.

As you apply more and more foundation on your skin, it may look good as you watch yourself so close to the mirror, but it will not look good under the sun.

Step 3 – Use concealer if you have textured skin and dark spots. If you have textured skin, do not pack on a lot of foundation too, use concealer on the affected areas.

Step 4 – Use a buffing brush to blend in the foundation.

You can continue with the rest of your makeup now that your foundation is well done.

By Victoria E.I

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