How-Tos: My story on surviving Sapa this month and how to prevent it

Salary earners gather here; these are some tips on how to avoid going broke before the next salary comes.

It was around the 10th of the month I realized that wow “sapa has hooked me” as it is usually said in street lingo. That means I was broke.

Urban Dictionary says sapa is a state of being broke after spending extravagantly.

I reflected on what really happened to me, what brought me to a place of extreme brokeness. I looked around my apartment and began to wonder, “Did I buy a smart TV that’s hidden behind the fridge?

Then I was convinced someone was stealing my money, “Did hackers gain access to my account?”

I summoned the courage to check my debit alerts for the month and, I kept seeing N2000, N3000 debits so close to each other.

Then I remember going to a fancy restaurant in Lekki, streaming Netflix for hours and paying over N7,000 for a taxi trip, as well as other rides that cost me good money.

At that point, I saw the errors of my ways and, had an inner dialogue with myself.

When I realized my funds had dwindled, I called home and, they asked me, “What did you do with your money?

After all my explanations, I wasn’t sent anything. Adulthood is such a scam.

I can’t even explain how I survived, my sapa memories are buried deep within but, I remember eating a lot of instant noddle and staying in my house.

After such a harrowing experience, I came up with tips on how to prevent sapa;

1. Know that your earning power has reduced because this country’s economy has gone south.

It isn’t that you are even trying to be extravagant, but you are earning the same money to buy things that have doubled in price, it really is no wonder, money isn’t enough. How can it be?

2. Make bulk purchases – I kept withdrawing money to buy small items. If you live alone, buy all the household items you need once and for all.

3. Have a side hustle or get a better job – If your job allows it, have a side hustle that brings you money, so you aren’t just focused on one thing.

4. Always save and invest – As soon as the money hits your account, set some aside for savings. Of course, most times this is why sapa hits, you have saved and saved and, now you don’t have much again. Be realistic about your savings.

5. Have a budget and avoid unplanned expenses – I know this quite well, the taxi trip of N7000 was an impromptu decision to go out. If the expenses are not in your budget, decline that outing. Don’t use ‘problem no dey finish ‘as an excuse to spend extravagantly.

Have I put this to practice yet? Yes, I have.

I am the ultimate budget queen this coming month. Once I get my shoes from Jumia. I am not buying anything else. Ha-ha!

This is how I intend to prevent sapa next month. What about you?

By Victoria E.I

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