How well do you know your partner? These 5 signs say ‘not much’

These are the signs that you probably don’t even know your partner that much.

You could be with a person for years and not really know them as you think you do. Sure, you may have been with them for long enough to know their birthday and other simple stuff. But that’s not all to it.

If the following things describe your relationship, maybe you really don’t know your partner that much.

If your partner has never taken you down memory lane to their time growing up and the kind of childhood they had, you may still have one or two things to learn about them.

It’s not a do or die thing, but opening up about that just allows you into an aspect of them, a part of the journey that eventually led up to meeting you. Besides, knowing how someone grew up could help understand them more, and also understand why they do the things they do.

You really do not know someone until you have seen in the face of the worst adversity.

People’s true colors come out in times of crisis. And it is important to be familiar with that part of your partner in case something.

Disagreements are normal in relationships. And you need to know your partner’s ways of handling conflict. This does not necessarily mean you would go out in search of trouble or stir up a problem where none exists all in the name of trying to ‘know’ them.

According to Business Insider, “if you know how much milk your sweetheart likes in their cereal but not how they feel about topics like infidelity, abortion, and immigration, you might have a problem.”

It can be enough to ask how they are when they’re pissed so as to know what to expect when a misunderstanding comes up.

It’s important to know how your partner spends.

Not knowing how your partner spends their paycheck could mean you don’t actually know very much about their relationship with money. And that can spell trouble down the line.

By Victoria E.I

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