Indonesia apologises over assault on Nigerian diplomatic agent

Indonesia’s ambassador to Nigeria has apologized on behalf of the country over an assault on a Nigerian diplomatic agent by immigration officers in Indonesia.

The unnamed agent was assaulted when he was arrested by immigration officials on Saturday

in front of his home in Indonesia.

So, A viral video showed that two Indonesian officials held the hands of the Nigerian and pinned him down in

the backseat of a car. Another official assaulted his unprotected head as he cried out in pain.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said it condemns the assault on the Nigerian diplomat.

The government disclosed that the Indonesian ambassador to Nigeria has “explained what he understood happened

and apologized unreservedly on behalf of the Government of Indonesia.”

The Nigerian government said the “unfortunate incident is against international law and the Vienna Conventions

governing Diplomatic and Consular Relations between states.”

“In addition to the Indonesian Ambassador’s apology, the immigration officials responsible for the assault

have also apologized to the victim,” Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“The Ambassador of Nigeria to Indonesia has confirmed that the immigration official involved had since

come to the Nigerian Embassy to apologize to the Ambassador and the diplomat concerned.”

By Taiyelolu A

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