Israel on Tuesday reopens the Taba border post with Egypt, shut down throughout the pandemic, allowing limited numbers to cross to the Sinai peninsula for Passover holidays.

The move was the latest step towards normalcy for Israel, which has fully vaccinated more than half of its roughly 9.3 million residents against coronavirus, the world’s fastest per capita pace.

From Tuesday through April 12, 300 Israelis can travel through Taba on the Red Sea each day.

However, only those who have a negative result to Covid-19 and survivors will be free to cross, in both directions.

Egypt’s Sinai peninsula is a popular vacation spot for Israelis, especially during the Passover break which began over the weekend

However the pandemic has forced Taba’s closure since March 2020 till date. So this is a welcome Economic and social development to Israel and travelers at large

Israel’s successful vaccination rollout has been making gains against the virus and has outweighs the fear of the dreaded Covid-19 Virus

The number of severe coronavirus cases, which stood at 800 as at last month, is now 467, according to authorities.

The Health Ministry has however expressed compliance to the Covid-19 Safety rules.

By Onome F.E

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