Julius Berger: From Construction to Agriculture.

The leading German construction company has finally bowed to the Chinese takeover of the construction sub-sector of the Nigerian economy. The company has veered into agriculture.

The decision from Nigeria’s biggest construction company also stemmed from the general weak recovery in the construction sector since 2016.

However, Julius Berger marketing manager Oyindamola Asaaju in a media parley on Tuesday said that

the company’s new focus would be on cashew nut production.

“Clear national occupational standard and demand-driven international product quality would define and

drive the company’s operations and productivity in the cashew processing industry in Nigeria,

where only 5% of Nigeria’s production is currently locally processed,” she said.

According to a statement by Barr Moses Duku, Media Relations Officer of  JBN, the company is set

to commission its first-ever cashew processing plant in Epe, Lagos State.

Furthermore, The statement said the plant would be responsible for the environment as it is going to

implementing a no-waste operational practice.

This is coming on the heels of China’s attempt to find an in-road into the export of agric products

such as cocoa and yam production.

Now, the question is: What becomes of Nigeria’s, Africa’s agro-economy? Also, Is it not time for the government to draw the line and protect farmers from foreign economic invaders?

What is your take on this development?

By Taiyelolu A

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