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Juneteenth: America to Celebrate End of Slavery With a National Holiday

United States of America’s lawmakers have created a new national holiday to honour the end of slavery

So, Citizens of the United States of America have a new federal holiday – Juneteenth or June 19. The creation of the holiday is to commemorate the end of slavery in America.

However, This becomes the first new federal holiday created by Congress in nearly 40 years.

The voting and passing of the bill is done unanimously in the house and to senate, with 415-14 vote.

President Biden will sign the bill into law on Thursday, June 17. With this, June 19 will have the same status as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and other federal holidays.

Also, According to lawmakers, to recognize the suffering of those under American slavery and as an act of racial reconciliation, establishing the holiday was an important gesture.

The creation of the last holiday was by the congress in 1983, where the lawmakers made the third Monday in January the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in honour of the slain civil-rights leader.

So, expectations are on President Joe Biden to sign it to law and give the day the same status as all federal holidays

Juneteenth: America to Celebrate End of Slavery With a National Holiday

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