The man had just stepped out of his SUV when he noticed the boy trying to fix his bike.

‘#YourfeelGoodForTheDay Pull up to the hardware store and saw this go down.. Dude literally in the pouring rain coming out to his SUV sees these two young boys, one pushing his broken bike stops everything he is doing and spent five minutes getting drenched fixing it for little man… they rode off happy AF and he just left with a smile on his face.. gave me one too! High Five to you #GoodSamaritan #TrueAmerica #RestoredFaithInHumanity,” Curtis wrote.

The good samaritan has been praised after coming out of his SUV and helping a boy fix his broken bicycle. However, the man did not mind the rain as he spent about five minutes trying to help the white boy to fix his ride. Rare of his

kind, his good deed was lauded widely by many people on social who thanked him for his selflessness.

A man in the US recently restored humanity in people after alighting from his car to help a boy fix his broken bicycle.

Capturing the the Black man, whose identity is unknown, was fixing a white boy’s bike and Getting it all ready in the rain

The man did not mind the rain and did not leave the boy alone in trouble before fixing the broken bike. Wilson Curtis

made a posting of the photo of the man helping the boy who was with his friend, on Facebook . According to Curtis, the

man spent about five minutes in the rain trying to fix the little one’s bike. The boys were happy and left the scene with

smiles on their faces, same as the good samaritan.

By Cynthia N.

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