Minister of Information and Culture compels TV stations to feature sign language interpreters

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that his ministry will be directing the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to compel public and private television stations to feature sign language

interpreters during their major news presentations.

Mohammed said this on Thursday, October 14, in Abuja at the 2021 Annual Lecture of

the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN).

The Minister of Information and Culture made the promise after a participant at the event, Monsurat Abdulwasiu note the exclusion of

the deaf by the media.

She said; 

“Only the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) has a sign language interpreter during one of its news hours.

“In the other media platforms, there are no sign language interpreters even in the healthcare sector,

no sign language in Nigerian hospitals.

“So, what happens to deaf people when they are reading news and when they are sick and go to hospital.

She also says that does it mean the deaf does not have entitlement to information and healthcare? that the government needs to look into this.

Reacting to this, Mohammed said; 

“I am very touched by the contribution of the young lady who said there is need for sign interpreters during

the network news and other major news belts.

“I am going to ask the NBC to direct all our television stations to ensure that there are sign interpreters

in all television stations during their major news hours.

“This will not apply to only the Nigeria Television Authority, whether public or private television stations,

they must comply with the directive.

“This directive will work both ways, it means the complaint of exclusion will be tackled and the persons with disability of hearing will also be included in programmes and policies of government.”

By Taiyelolu A

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