The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, (NERC) Prof. James Momoh, has expressed optimism about the issue of tariff plan in the electricity sector which has generated concern among Nigerians.

Prof. James Momoh while speaking in Abuja on Tuesday at the working visit to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) noted that the Commission is working tirelessly to ensure that the issues of tariff increase are nip in the bud and consumers have to value for energy demands.

“In my opinion, you are on the right track; we hope that the gaps that you have identified especially with respect to the tariff are something that the entire commission has a sleepless night on, working day in and out”

“And at least at the end of the day, the entire commission will take credit that during our own tenure, we are able to have a paradigm shift and ensure that the sector becomes equipped such that people can come to Nigeria to invest because we have recovered money for their investments”

According to Prof. Momoh customers need service-based tariff that is commensurate with the price of electricity paid for and that is the only way that we can secure this country and overcome imbalances in the network.

Meanwhile, Prof. Momoh urged the AEDC to embrace sustainability and advanced technological development to cater for other states under their reach.

“NERC is deep concern that you that you need to have the watchdog technology that will detect fault before they happen, a new technology that will help detect if a fault is imminent and provide control action so that we can minimize all challenges of electrocution and all sort, within your network, health and safety training is important.”

 “It is imperative that you need to now think out-of-the-box on coordination, communication, control the different states that form the intersections that are within Abuja so that whereas you provide the best in Abuja being the capital, ensure that the states that are being served by you cannot be left uncatered for”

Prof. Momoh added that the issue of securing the nation starts with the energy sector, and as such, AEDC must secure the security network by training its staffs on data security while embracing new technology.

”This country security issue starts with the energy sector, we must secure the security network, so train your staff on data security, and securing your data, you need smart grid in all these places.”

“What am saying is that we must not still lose the opportunity to lead, you are doing well, but there are many opportunities around you to make you outshine the West African power sector.” He added.

“And if there is a place to do this, it’s a place that has already embraced new emerging technology, if you don’t secure the network in your emergency of an integrated system, you are subjecting yourself to the problem because when there is an IT technology embedded in our network and is working very well, that’s when its subject to attack.”

He thereby advised that AEDC should sensitize the public on their power usage such that there will not be an issue of outrage and disagreements by the customers.

“Please take your time to also inform the customer because we do not want a situation where customers will riot in Abuja, you need to let them know how to optimize the use of electricity in terms of demand size and management”.

Earlier, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) Dr Ernest Mupwaya in his presentation identified tariff issue has a major challenge for the company.

Dr Mupwaya added that the tariff is not what is obtainable in the market, though slightly different due to the availability of meters to customers.

“So from our experience, the tariff is not yet where it is supposed to be, this is not what should be obtainable in the market. As we speak today, we are moving to a situation where things are working better, the tariff has been addressed where the customers who are now getting good service in proportion to money paid.”

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