On Netflix, this August, crime, action, romance, and revenge are the order of the day. Follow Falz’s adventure in Quam’s Money, Genevieve Nnaji’s journey in Ije The Journey, Jason Momoa’s journey to keeping his family safe in Sweet Girl, and a fight for innocence in 76.

Here are some Netflix Films

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami – Netflix Documentary 8/4/2021
Two childhood friends go from high school dropouts to the most powerful drug kingpins in Miami in this true story of a crime saga that spanned decades.

Rick and Morty: Season 5 – 8/9/2021
After having been missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at daughter Beth’s doorstep to move in with her and her family.

Although Beth welcomes Rick into her home, her husband, Jerry, isn’t as happy about the family reunion. Jerry is concerned about Rick, a sociopathic scientist, using the garage as his personal laboratory. In the lab, Rick works on a number of sci-fi gadgets, some of which could be in consideration as dangerous. But that’s not all Rick does that concerns Jerry. He also goes on adventures across the universe that often involve his grandchildren, Morty and Summer.

The Kissing Booth 3 – Netflix Film 8/11/2021
It’s the summer before Elle heads to college, and she’s facing the hardest decision of her life: whether to move

across the country with her dreamy boyfriend Noah or fulfill her lifelong promise to go to college with her BFF Lee. Whose heart will Elle break?

Quam’s Money – 8/6/2021
‘Quam’s Money’ follows the adventures of security guard turned millionaire Quam as he navigates the world with his newfound wealth.

More Netflix Films

Crazy Rich Asians – 8/1/2021
Rachel, a professor, dates a man named Nick and looks forward to meeting his family. However, she was in shock when she learns that Nick belongs to one of the richest families in the country.

Sweet Girl – Netflix Film 8/20/2021
Devoted family man Ray Cooper, vows justice against the pharmaceutical company responsible for pulling a potentially life-saving drug from the market just before his wife (Adria Arjona) dies from cancer.

But when his search for the truth leads to a deadly encounter that puts Ray and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) in harm’s way, Ray’s mission turns into a quest for vengeance in order to protect the only family he has left.

SWEET GIRL is directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza and stars Justin Bartha, Amy Brenneman, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Raza Jaffrey, Lex Scott Davis, and Michael Raymond-James.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified – Netflix Series 8/3/2021
Though claims of extraterrestrial encounters have long been dismissed, many believe the existence of UFOs is not just likely, but a certainty.

Ije: The Journey – 8/3/2021
Chioma left Nigeria for the USA to help her sister that was accused of killing three people including her husband. She is determined to keep her from jail but requires the truth.

Gone for Good – Netflix Series 8/13/2021
Ten years after losing the two people he loved most, a man finds himself plunged into another dizzying mystery when his girlfriend suddenly vanishes.

Creed – 8/1/2021
Adonis Johnson, the son of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, embraces his legacy as a boxer and seeks mentorship from Rocky Balboa, his father’s old friend, and rival.

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