Broom ORM

Image describing Nigeria Online Reputation Management on broom news website

Broom Media brings Nigeria Online Reputation management to a new height for businesses, individuals and public institutions.

Reputational crises happen everywhere around the world. Either at a public institution or at a private firm, judgements on policies or brands come from all angles of society. Oftentimes, expression of these judgments come without fairness and detailed scrutiny of an allegation or unruly behaviour.

Also, individuals suffer from reputational damage either as a personal failure of character or by spreading false information against such persons. In Nigeria, reputational crises surface always because of a high level of distrusts in the country. Irrespective of sector you operate a business, distrusts abound.

Additionally, the reputation of politicians in Nigeria is in bad shape among the general public because of past disappointments and misinformation against them.

Therefore, Broom Media sees reputation management as an approach to dealing with the spreading of false information (Fake News). Modern methods of creating unbiased Nigeria online reputation management for businesses, individuals and public agencies are what this page will deliver. 

Politically, Nigeria has seen misinformation in a dimension that makes it difficult to filter between what is true or false. During the elections, for instance, many falsehoods are spread against politicians and their parties. Though we know that politicians are not saints, however, for electorates to make good voting choices, they a presentation of information in an unbiased manner. Unfortunately, this kind of misinformation also happens against corporations and individuals. Corrections to erroneous public images are what Broom Media stand to achieve.