Nigeriaflag positioned as a national symbol of progress

Rev Christopher Edeh, the Archbishop of Enugu Diocese, Methodist Church, Nigeria, says Nigeria will witness better progress, growth and patriotism by learning from past mistakes.

Edeh said this in a Sunday sermon during the 20th Anniversary of the Central Methodist Church, Enugu according to a Daily Trust report.

The clergy said that the major problem of present-day Nigeria was lack of basic knowledge of the evolution of the country as well as its various stages of nationhood by young Nigerians.

He said it was sad that most secondary schools in the country do not teach history as a subject and called for the reinstatement of history in all secondary schools.

Edeh said that there would be less mistakes in the country when Nigerians remember their past.

“If we remember our mistakes and the pains of the past, we can then say ‘never again,” he said.

The clergy said that most Nigerians were complaining about the current economic situation of the country as if that was the first time they were faced with such challenges.

On the anniversary, Edeh said that the essence was to remember the mercies of God in the circuit.

He commended the circuit under the leadership of Rev. Joel Okorie, and described it as the best in the entire Enugu diocese.

He said that it was gratifying that the Diocese had grown in leaps and bounds.

“Many years ago, many local Churches under the circuit did not have a befitting place of worship, but today, they do.

“Today, we remember those through whom God made it possible for these achievements to happen. We are remembering the pains of our heroes past,” he said.

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