Buhari unveils Nigeria At 60 logo to kick off diamond celebration

Giant of Africa with over 200 million inhabitants

From different tribes and races, blessed with abundant natural resources

Yet her people still groan to feed!


Though the land is green

Yet her citizen prefer greener pasture abroad

Even at the expense of their lives

Nigeria@60, her citizens silently groan in pain

Smile and hope for a better future looks bleak

Untold hardship and suffering is now a norm in the country

Yet, her helpless citizen succumb

Nigeria @60, the Political landscape still agog with godfatherism

Dictatorship and ethnocentrism

Party difference means no change

Yet democracy is still being preached as largely “Practiced”

Nigeria @60, nowhere is considered safe,

Terrorism, banditry and kidnapping has enveloped her

Without appellation to any security agencies or government that be

Her government looks headlong without solutions in sight

Nigeria @60, Infrastructural deficit still persists

Many major roads causes gridlocks

And some death traps

Despite huge budgets allocated to them

Power still remains in shambles,

She cannot boast of uninterrupted power supply

But boast of supplying power to smaller nations

Living her citizens to alternative power sources

Yet without power

Nigeria @60, being a graduate is no longer celebrated

Unemployment is still on the increase

Leaving many promising youths hopeless:

As devil`s handiwork to perpetrate criminal act: all to make ends meet

Even if the giant of Africa is sleeping,

It is time to wake up

And take her place

Even @60

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