Man becomes becomes best student after over 16 rejections by UK, US and Canada varsities

A Nigerian man has achieved a stellar academic feat in quick successions after suffering rejections in the past Ifeanyi

Obi had graduated from Nigeria with a second class lower degree and got the rejection of over 16 times by US, UK

and Canadian universities. His application for international studies in Cyprus clicked and he went on to become the

best student of the year and a lecturer years later.

A Nigerian man has however, inspired social media users with his academic success story after numerous failures and


Ifeanyi Obi shared on his LinkedIn page that he had finished his undergraduate studies in Nigeria with a 2.2.

Obi’s result served as a bottleneck as all foreign applications he made to further his studies were turned down

including the ones made to US, UK and Canada universities.

A lifeline came for him

An undeterred Obi said he applied to study in another European university, in Cyprus precisely and succeeded.

He not only finished with a higher honours result but went on to become the best student of the year and also bagged

a placement for PhD studies. Four years on, Obi became an associate professor and also had his software, BuildTech,

approved by a UK body and consequently got a special visa to establish a lab in London.

His story read in part:

“I graduated with honours(2:2) for my undergraduate studies, which wasn’t an excellent feat. This was due to personal

issues and also strangely struggles against words spoken to me by a Prophet that I won’t do well academically if ever I

chose that path.

“However, I applied to 3 Universities in the UK for my Masters studies and therefore got rejected. With that I applied to other


in USA, Canada and therefore got rejected as well. In addition, With over 16 rejections, I proceeded with great

determination to

Cyprus to study.

“I told myself I only could turn my story around. With increased focus and also developed study patterns, I graduated with

High Honours(3.8) for my Masters Studies and was however, offered a place for PhD and with same determines and few

mistakes aswell, I graduated as the best student that year and was the Valedictorian.

“Last year, the approval of my software in BuildTech was by the UK endorsement body and this year obtain an Innovator

Migrant Visa to establish a software lab in London…”

Congratulatory thoughts trailed his post

Bose Banji-Idowu wrote: “Congrats.. Awesome.”

Oluwaseun Joseph Kojusola said: “Great, congratulations.”

By Cynthia Nwankwo

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