Nigerians endorse Eric Adams as New York City Mayoral candidate

The Nigerian community in New York City has endorsed Eric Adams as Mayoral candidate for the November general election after series of debates with the candidates and consultation among Nigerians.

In a statement by Mr Yinka Dansalami, the Chairman, Board of Organisation for Advancement of Nigeria (OAN), and Mr

Gbenga Omotayo, President of the Nigerian-Americans Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC), said Adams emerged number one in the ranking.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that OAN and NAPAC, the conveners of The Nigerian Forum, commended

Nigerians for their participation in the process of selecting the mayoral candidates for endorsement.

“Based on the criteria used to judge the candidates, Hon Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President emerged as the number one ranked candidate.

However, “This process, the first in the history of our community in New York, could not have been successful without the

hard work and coming together of a broad base of Nigerian Leaders in New York City.

“Your collaborative and objective approach in this selection process helped us to firmly establish our place in

New York City and we could be the community that decides who gets into City Hall,’’ it stated.

NAN reports that the result of the poll conducted among the Nigerian community, ranked Adams first with 51.5 per cent, Ray McGuire was ranked second at 27.3 per cent and Andrew Yang was third at 21.2 per cent.

Among the criteria used in the poll included “which candidate is most likely to win the election” and “which candidate is most likely to support our cause, concerns and protect our interest”.

Others were “which candidate is already or likely to solidly be in support of issues that are important to

us” and “which candidate is most likely to get the support of the larger community”.

One of the sentiments also expressed in favour of the popularity of Adams among the Nigerian American community was that he had been to Africa including Nigeria and has projects ongoing.

He was also seen as a serving candidate with favourable records and for establishing the African Day as incumbent Brooklyn Borough President.

Following the outcome of the poll, the Nigerian Forum said the formal presentation of Adams to Nigerians

would hold on Saturday at Kudirat Abiola Corner by Nigeria House.

The forum urged Nigerians to come out in their large number and “be part of this historic event”, encouraging

them to show their Nigerian pride and come out in their Nigerian attires or green-white-green shirts.

“Let New York know that Nigerians have finally come to take their rightful place in a city where we are one of the most prominent contributors to its workforce.’’

In addition, it stated that following the formal endorsement, the community would engage in series of fundraising

and campaigns for the candidate, appealing to Nigerians to honour the call in support of the endorsed candidate.

NAN reports that the Nigerian Forum had on May 16 and 26, organised debates for the mayoral candidates,

during which Adams pledged to “deliver the prosperity of New York to the Nigerian community in the city”.

Adams also added that he had supported the health sector in Nigeria by establishing a clinic in Lagos and

pledged to include Africans, especially Nigerians in his government, if elected.

The Democratic candidate also pledged to connect Africa with New York through cultural, educational and youth exchange programmes.

By Victoria E.I

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