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NYSC seeks arrest of scammers

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has written to security agencies, demanding the tracking down and arrest of some scammers who have been extorting from the public with a view to influencing the posting of corps members.

Exonerating its staff, the organisation said the scammers would place advertisement in the social media, including Facebook requesting money for instant posting and relocation of corp members.

The Director-General, Brigadier-General Ibrahim Shuaib, who raised this alarm in Abuja, appealed to Nigerians to avoid offering money to anyone as posting and relocation of corps members is free.

He said, “Some persons are using the name of NYSC to cause confusion; they will go to social media including Facebook to place an advertisement, saying ‘for instant relocation of corp members, contact No. XYZ. The persons doing these on social media are not NYSC staffers but fraudsters.

“I have written to the security agencies to help us investigate and apprehend these people

Relocation Scam

“Recently, somebody sent me a text message that some persons are extorting money from Nigerians using his name to influence posting and relocation of corps members. There is a staff there compiling names, as if he is the man, for posting and relocation. Yet, the man is not aware.

“So, I get fed up and told my Director to go and find out what the problem was. On getting there, he couldn’t believe it. If we don’t monitor these things closely, we won’t be able to know the things which are wrong within. Some people set up a platform, extort money from innocent Nigerians and they will be tarnishing the name of NYSC.

“Some of them connive with some few members of the society to do all these things; we won’t condone it. We implore them to desist from it as anybody who is caught will face the law. These scammers should leave NYSC alone and allow us to do our work.”

Shuaib recalled a particular scammer who claimed that he could doctor date of birth for people to partake in service, adding that the NYSC traced him and wrote to the security agencies for them them to pick him to teach others a lesson.

Posting and Relocation is Free

He said: “This is why we have been appealing to Nigerians that posting is free, relocation is free. We are appealing to Nigerians, please don’t give money to anybody. If you want any information from the NYSC, please contact our platform. People are just blackmailing the NYSC all over the place.

“If you look at our platform, if you have health challenge, you will be asked a question which has to do with your state of health. If you say you have health challenge, NYSC will post you to where you can get medical attention.”

NYSC seeks arrest of scammers

By Onome F.E

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