Ogun will open your way in Jesus name: Massive reactions trail photo of Yoruba-Orisha church in New York

Ogun Will Open Your Way in Jesus Name: Massive Reactions Trail Photo of Yoruba-Orisha Church in New York

A photo of the Yoruba-Orisha Baptist Church recently caused quite a stir on social media after making a post by a tweep with the handle @animolenikun. It is a church in New York which practices Caribbean syncretic religion, combining Protestant, Catholic, African and Kabbalistic elements into its worship. The also baptise the worshippers in this church and speak in tongue; these and others are at the centre of worshipping in the church.

A church in New York, the Yoruba-Orisha Baptist Church, has got social media talking with its uniqueness. A tweep made a post of a photo of the exterior of the church on Twitter by a tweep with the handle @animolenikun.

However, according to The Peopling of New York Final Project, the Yoruba-Orisha Baptist denomination is a uniquely Caribbean syncretic religion.

The religion originated in Trinidad and Tobago and it combines Protestant, Catholic, African and Kabbalistic elements into its worship, but self-identifies as Protestant.

Baptisms, mourning, possession by the spirit, shaking, dancing, speaking in tongues and also bringing back spiritual gifts from spiritual adventures are at the centre of worshipping in this church.

Some Reactions on twitter:

@eniAiku said: “So they go “Ògún would open your ways in Jesus name?” “Does that make sense?”

@eniAiku said: “I get this perspective. I don’t think the establishment of this church was during the slave trade era though. “My contention is this: why maintain these adulterated systems today when one can easily go back to the pure forms of worship

@badmonrenzo commented: “It makes perfect sense if you know that diasporic Africans had to do this in order to stay

alive while also keeping our traditions from where we were taken from. Lucumi, candomble, quimbanda are all syncretized to Catholic saints.”

@BakaOmubo wrote: “Why do we do this? It shows our spirituality scares us. Abrahamic religions do not align with Africans.”

@Doctor_Hue commented: “I gotta go here. I just want to know what services are like!!!! My father is a Baptist minister and his mother (my grandmother) practices hoodoo. Thanksgiving at our house was like third act of Doctor Strange.”

By Cynthia N.

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