How Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie Raised His 6 Children With Only 4 Pairs Of Trouser

Pete Edochie Spills: Why Women are Very Greedy And Selfish

Veteran actor, Pete Edochie has said that it is in women genetic component to being very selfish and greedy.

According to Edochie, two men in the university can stay together in peace throughout their university days. But unlike their counterparts, women can not do the same thing.

The 74-year-old made this known while speaking during a recent interview, where he noted that most women have this radical flaw uncompromising that makes them selfish and greedy. He also noted not all women exhibit this trait.

Speaking, he said‘Quote me; it is in the character of women; There is this in radically flaw that is uncompromising about them that makes them very greedy and selfish. If you go to the university, you will have four young men stay in a room for the five years they’d stay in the university, and they graduate. Put two girls in that same room, give them one week, and policemen will come to that place. It is not Pete Edochie’s doing. However, It is there in the composition of women. It is unfortunate, it’s regrettable, it is true. You will see two brothers getting along like brother, but the moment you introduce a woman to that relationship, that’s all. Those two brothers might even kill each other.

Although it is not always that women represent very bad influence no, it depends on how the women were indoctrinated, that’s all matters. ”

By Cynthia N.

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