Rabiyya (center)and her Parents

Rabiyya Nasir Ahmad, daughter of a Nigerian lawmaker, breaks London University record by emerging as the first female law graduate to bag first class degree in Coventry University.

The Coventry University graduate hails from Kano State, Nigeria.

Rabiyya Ahmad is the daughter of Nasir Ali Ahmad;

lawmaker representing Nasarawa Federal Constituency of Kano State.

According  to reports, Rabiyya is the first black female student to graduate with such a performance

Remarkably, since the University’s establishment in 1992,

no student has graduated with such outstanding results.

Her Father expressed genuine excitement and gratitude on his social media account at  the news.

He appreciated God Almighty for crowning the efforts of his daughter who had insisted on studying law, despite his initial resistance.

He had this to say,

“I reluctantly agreed to her consistent plea to allow her study law, not knowing the talents that Allah has bestowed her with .

‘’Honestly, her successful performance has also confirmed the hidden talents and

brilliance many Nigerian youths are endowed with,’’ he said.

Undoubtedly, Rabiyya joins the league of women making a difference,

Also, she is an example of Nigerians representing the country excellently home and abroad.


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