Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

Keeping your relationship private doesn’t mean that you never talk about it or share what’s going on in your love life. Neither does it mean being secretive about your relationship status.

Also, keeping your relationship off social media means prioritizing the intimacy of your relationship,

your peace of mind, and that of your partner above the prying eyes and validations of strangers.

Social media is rapidly changing the way we interact and see the world, at the same time, it opens one up to multiple ills.

Therefore, should you decide to share your relations on social media, you may want to first ask yourself why you want to share it.

Below are some reasons to keep your relationship off social media:

Criticism and unnecessary opinions
Sharing details of your relationship is like climbing an audition stage to present a portion of your life for review. By posting your relationship on social media, you open up yourself and your relationship for criticism and also the unsolicited opinions of others.
If you want to talk to someone about the issues and concerns you have regarding it, do so in real life with people you know and trust.

Complicated breakup
Breakup is less complicated when you keep your relationship off social media. You and your partner shared some amazing times, and the world felt like they were on the journey with you. You gave followers access to

your relationship, forgetting that at the end of the day, it’s just you and your partner fighting to make your union work.
When the relationship ends, then begins the drama, the intrusive post-breakup questions. However, by keeping it off social media, you would be able to heal and focus your mind on other things.

Enjoy the moment
Furthermore, You need to ask yourself if you are really in a relationship or you and your partners are acting for your followers.
Spending less time on social media will mean that you have more time to spend with your partner. Consider spending an evening without your phone once a week. Simply sit and have dinner with your partner and have a deep conversation about your feelings and emotions. Connecting with your partner on a deeper level will ensure a happier relationship.

More reasons to keep your relationship off social media:

It’s not real
Often, what we post on social media is heavily filtered. Posting a picture of you and your partner looking happy after an argument is not a genuine display of your partnership.

While it may be fun to post a photo of you and your partner every now and again, creating a false image of yourself online is not helpful.

Focus on your real-life relationship, rather than how it appears online.
Social media has created a need for approval and validation. Watching the likes come in after you post a photo should not be the only thing that makes you happy.

Too much pressure on your relationship
Trying to make a relationship is already hard work, now add that to it the stress of trying to impress people. Being in a relationship in which your partner feels the need to share every moment on social media is not a healthy way to live.

Also, sharing every moment of your private life can put you in a position to be the prototype of genuine love. Suddenly, people convince themselves that they want what you have based solely on what they see online. This can put a lot of pressure on both people in the relationship.

Now living to exceed the expectations of spectators, it’s easy to lose sight of what is really important,

building an unbreakable bond with your partner.
Give your relationship and your partner a stress-free environment to learn, make mistakes,

and evolve without feeling weighed down by the need to uphold a false image created by social media.

Above all, we all have a right to privacy in our partnerships. Don’t feel pressured by society and social media to share everything about your private life. Enjoy your privacy and intimacy with your partner without feeling like everybody else needs to know about your innermost secrets. Respect your partner’s privacy too and he will love you even more for it.

By Taiyelolu A

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