44-Year-Old Jail Inmate Breaks Record as He Wins Election in Prison

Record-Breaking: 44-Year-Old Jail Inmate Wins Election in Prison

An inmate has made history by becoming the first incarcerated person to win an election in Washington D.C. 44-year-old American Joel Caston, who is worship leader, clinched the race for advisory neighbourhood commissioner.

Therefore, In the prison where he is an inmate, he is to oversee several projects, including D.C jail. Those appointed to the position serve for two years but without pay. Caston ran against four other inmates and received 48 out of the cast 142 votes.

Furthermore, according to reports, Caston has been imprisoned for 18 months for a felony offence. In the papers he submitted

before his election, Caston said he served as a worship leader in prison. He also served as the editor for a newspaper at the jail.

“Imagine a single-member district where every voice matters, every concern is heard, and every person is valued,” he said after the victory.

Kind, a natural leader, intelligent, and thoughtful are words use to describe Caston.

So, Joel Caston enters the record books after becoming the first incarcerated election winner in the US capital

Finally, the 44-year-old Caston who had served 18 months so far for a felony offence will perform oversight functions for numerous projects

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