according to the Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina who reacted to the recent abduction of students from some Northern schools has said;

Nigerians will be duly informed if there will be a need for ransom to be paid to secure their release.

Appearing on a Channels Television program on Monday, March 1, Adesina reviewed that the abduction cases are tackled according to their peculiarities.

He said; “If the ransom was paid, it will tell the country that ransom was paid, and if it is not paid, it would also say so.

“If there was payment, it would be disclosed, and if there was payment, it will not be my duty, because I speak for the president.

“The president will not be the one to pay the ransom. The agencies that would pay the ransom have spokesmen, who can confirm or deny if ransoms were paid.”

Adesina added that President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to tackling the security challenges the country grapples with.

He said; “We will see better security in this country, that is what the President is telling the country.

“No President expects the citizens of his country to be abducted, kidnapped, or killed.

President Buhari is determined to step up the war against insecurity.”

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